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Patent Pending Spline Tool.

Exemple de cannelures tracées avec l'outil.

Tool that allows you to carve straight flutes, or spiral to the left or right and combining the two spirals to create a pineapple pattern.

Rapporteur d'angle pour indexer les coupes.

A large protractor attached to the head of the lathe controls the angles of rotation of the workpiece. For straight splines, the protractor is locked in place and the carriage released from the cable.

The tool table is attached to the lathe plate at each end.

Montage sur un tour désactivé.

The tool is mounted on a wood lathe to benefit from its mounting system. It is absolutely necessary to unplug the lathe as an accidental switching on would destroy the tool.

The tool is in fact similar to an aileron control system on an airplane. The main element is a closed circuit cable to which is attached the carriage on which is mounted a router.

Depending on whether the carriage is secured to one or the other of the cables which pass through the carriage, the movement of the carriage induces a rotation of the part mounted on the pivots, in one direction or the other.

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